General Information

Denomination: ADVERO Properties Socimi, S.A.
Sector: Real Estate
(NIF) Tax Identification Number: A67077628
Registered office:
c/Iradier, 21 08017 Barcelona, Spain

Management team: ADEQUITA Capital Ltd
20 North Audley Street, W1K 6LX London
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3931 9805


With the objective of generating recurring income and by means of a thorough analysis and assessment of the assets that make up its portfolio, ADVERO Properties bases its investment on four fundamental pillars:

Residential assets: unlike other real estate investment trusts, ADVERO Properties focuses exclusively on residential assets, with the possibility that these incorporate, in turn, commercial premises.

Access to housing: ADVERO Properties aims to offer a solution to the sector of middle-income population, which faces greater difficulty in obtaining financing for the acquisition of housing. Undoubtedly, this is population segment lies behind the structural change regarding property ownership in Spain.

Periphery of large cities: due to the population segment targeted by ADVERO Properties, the company specializes in the management of assets located in the peripheral neighbourhoods of premium areas, which are well connected and offer quality services.

Complete assets: there are many opportunities in the market for new-build assets, as well as for already leased properties. Acquiring complete assets instead of acquiring individual properties separately gives rise to important synergies:
• Centralization of administrative tasks
• Greater facility and profitability in the marketing of the properties
• Reduction of maintenance costs


ADVERO Properties’ portfolio is currently composed of the following assets, aimed entirely for rent:

Mare de Deu del Pilar

Mare de Deu del Pilar 7
08191 Rubí, Barcelona

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Santa Fe

Santa Fe 9-13
08191 Rubí, Barcelona

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Wilson 48
08223 Terrassa, Barcelona

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Virgen de la Paloma

Virgen de la Paloma 49
08204 Sabadell, Barcelona

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Canonge Rodó

Canonge Rodó 1bis
08221 Terrassa, Barcelona

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Social Responsibility

ADVERO Properties’ business model, based on rental income, does not limit the company’s ability to engage with the communities of the municipalities in which it invests.

ADVERO Properties’ main purpose is to facilitate the commercial availability of completed, unmarketed residential assets, with the aim of favouring the access to housing to population with less capacity to obtain credit.

And all the above, with the guarantee of top-quality housing and services.

Board of Directors

Riuaran, S.L. – President
Represented by Mr. Pablo Corbera Elizalde

Adequita Capital Ltd – Director
Represented by Mrs. Gloria Folch Ramos

D. Jorge Vera Suñé – Director

Parwing, S.L. – Director
Represented by Mr. Jordi Adsarà Grau

Rimevi, S.L. – Director
Represented by Mrs. Gemma Mestre Ribot

Reig Jofre Investments, S.L. – Director
Represented by Mr. Alejandro García Reig

Solcorbi 2013, S.L. – Director
Represented by Mr. Carlos Corbera Elizalde

D. Aureli Mas Raldiris – Director

D. Alejandro Vives Roura – Non-director secretary



c/Iradier 21
08017 Barcelona
Tlf: +44 (0) 20 3931 9805