General information

General details

VAT number: A-67077628
Abbreviated name: ADVERO
Sector: Real Estate
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI): 894500UVDHRPSXBSDU17

Share capital

Number of shares: 2.426.373
Par value: 5 euros/share
Ordinary stock: 12.131.865 euros
Number of attributed voting rights: 2.426.373
Number of shares required for each voting right: 1

Stock market trading

Share identification number (ISIN): ES0105448007
Incorporation to trading: November 8, 2019
Market: BME MTF Equity
Trading ticker: YADV

Listing prospectus is currently only available in Spanish.

Shareholding structure as of 31 March 2021:

Mr. Jorge Vera Suñé14.12%
Parwing, S.L.9.43%
Rimevi, S.L.8.78%
Reig Jofre Investments, S.L.6.04%
Ciganga, S.L.6.02%
Riuaran, S.L.5.81%
Grau, S.A.5.78%
Mr. Oleg Soloshchanskiy5.78%
Free float (41 minority shareholders + treasury stock)38.24%

As of December 31, 2020, the company’s treasury stock was formed by 17,166 shares, representing 0.71% of the share capital.

ADVERO does not hold any relevant stake in a publicly listed company.